About the video tutorial

Series 1, Episode 10 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking, the technique of digital craft with a focus on the photographic image used as a decorative edge card design.

Please, download the printable in PDF from the blog: https://aninoogunjobi.com/2020/05/fre…

In this video series of 12 crafts of cardmaking, the technique of digital craft with a focus on photographic cards, Anino Ogunjobi teaches with demonstrations on how to use three techniques and a photographic image to make decorative edge designs for a greeting card using Affinity Designer graphics software.

She designed a card digitally and also made a corner handmade greeting card using the printed photographic image.

1. Three techniques- diagonal, horizontal and vertical decorative edge.

2. Use the waste or negative of the decorative edge to make an interlocking decorative edge insert for the handmade card.

3. Digital demonstration in Affinity Designer- pixel persona and designer persona.

4. Making the diagonal decorative edge handmade greeting card. 5. Exporting and saving the designs.