Here is a game for you to colour in or circle around to locate the items that are mixed with other graphics.

This game tells the tale of Stuart ordering and what he received as his order.

Stuart ordered a suit from an online shop but he was delivered the materials to make the suit instead. Unknowingly to him, that is what the order stated and he failed to read the description and content.

However, Stuart went out and his wife, Maya, came home and saw the items. She felt they were for her. She took the items and placed them in strategic spots with her craft items.

Stuart needs to return the items so that his refund can be processed.

Please, help Stuart locate the items.

The items include;

  1. *Sewing Machine
  2. *Hand sewing needle
  3. *Buttons
  4. *Machine sewing needle
  5. *Roll of lightweight interfacing
  6. *Rotary cutter.
  7. *Sewing pattern- suit
  8. *Three(3) bundles of patterned fabrics
  9. *Seam ripper
  10. *Sewing pins
  11. *Spool of thread
  12. *A pair of scissors

*Answer to this picture game will be posted next week.