About the video tutorial

Series 2, Episode 7 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking, the technique of stencilling used as a border (diagonal) card design.

In this video series of 12 crafts of cardmaking, the technique of stencilling, Anino Ogunjobi teaches with demonstrations on how to use a stencil image to make diagonal border design for a greeting card using a make-up sponge and eye shadow colour palette.

  1. Colouring the stencil design with make-up eye shadow palette.
  2. Cutting\ splitting the colourful cardstock to make edges for the diagonal border design.
  3. Matting, layering and gluing cardstock.
  4. Creating a diagonal border design demonstrated.
  5. Embossing the stencil using a die-cutting / embossing machine.