About the video tutorial

Series 2, Episode 10 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking, the technique of stencilling used as an embellishment card design.

In this video series of 12 crafts of cardmaking, the technique of stencilling, Anino Ogunjobi teaches with demonstrations on how to use two stencil images to make floral embellishment design for a greeting card using Lidl’s Crelando Crépe paper (any paper of 80g to 135g or 150g can be used).

  1. Tracing the stencil design on the crépe paper using a small ball tool.
  2. Cutting the colourful crépe paper to make flowers and leaves embellishment.
  3. Matting, layering and gluing cardstock.
  4. Creating a diagonal border design demonstrated.
  5. Using embossing ball tools and flower forming mat to shape the flowers and leaves made from crépe paper.