About the video tutorial

Series 2, Episode 13 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking, the technique of stencilling used in a combined style as a background, aperture, scenic and embellishment card design is the concluding tutorial for Series 2.

This episode looks at designing the greeting card with stencils by combining the uses or styles or designs learned in previous episodes.

This video features the demonstration of the Plaid Crafts(Plaid Enterprises) — stencils.

In this video series of 12 crafts of cardmaking, the technique of stencilling, Anino Ogunjobi teaches with demonstrations on how to make a greeting card design using different stencils by combining four different design technique.

In this tutorial, she designed a card;

  1. Highlighting the next video series(series 3) Stitching and Piercing Technique.
  2. Four different card design uses combined in a greeting card design- background, aperture, scenic and embellishment.
  3. Layering the stencils to achieve different effects.
  4. Using various stencils in designing the greeting card.
  5. Colouring and embossing the background design using stencils, make-up eyeshadow and die-cutting\ embossing machine.
  6. Creating the floral embellishment- colouring, cutting, shaping and glueing.
  7. Designing the greeting card using different stencil designs.
  8. Creating an aperture, background, scenic and embellishment.
  9. Using Acrylic Paint (any art medium or media can be used), paintbrush and Makeup eyeshadow in colouring the card design.