About the Video

In this part of the video, Anino teaches on how to design a knitted(machine, hand-knitting or crochet) asymmetrical stripe border jacket using the DesignAKnit(DAK) charting software.

*Design an asymmetrical jacket in the Standard Garment Styling Section of the DesignAKnit Software.

*Take the asymmetrical jacket into the Original Pattern Drafting section of the software and alter the length and width.

*Rotate the asymmetrical stripe border jacket and prepare it for sideways knitting with regards to the vertical stripe to be knitted.

*Check the numbers of rows to knit to determine the stripe sequence in the Interactive Knitting section of the software.

*Create the vertical stripe pattern in the Stitch designer section of the software.

*Integrate the rotated asymmetrical stripe border jacket with the stripe pattern that has been designed in the Stitch Designer section of the software.

*Learn the tips and tricks of lining the stripe (and other stripe designs) so that the front and sleeve stripes fit properly.

*Save the designed garment in the different sections of the DesignAKnit software.

*Print the garment instructions in different sections of the software or use the Interactive Knitting section for on-screen instructions.

*And many more.

Hand knitters and crocheters can use this technique too.