We will be using this Singer C520L Serenade sewing machine in some craft series- sewing, cardmaking, machine-knitting and more.

About the video

In this video, Anino Ogunjobi shows us all the content of the Singer C520L Serenade sewing machine that is being sold at Lidl.

*Showing the graphics or picture of the box.

*Fixing the extended table that came with the machine.

*Tips on how to change sewing stitches with the needle up instead of down.

*Plugging the sewing machine into an electrical socket.

*Using the foot pedal of the sewing machine.

*Stating the accessories included with the sewing machine.

*Tips on carrying the sewing machine.

*The noise made by the sewing machine when sewing at a fast pace or slow pace.

*Sewing machine printed manual languages.

*Bobbin feed type- not a drop feed bobbin.

*Sewing machine feet and their uses.

*Seam ripper and not forgetting to wear it its protective cover.

*and many more.