Welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 – Reminisce of a Crafter.

Russell writes on his blessings and woes of becoming a serial designer

I have always wished to design a lot or have a passion for designing so much that I will be so occupied and dreaming of designs to create.

Years ago this wish came true.

I became happy because a passion for designing is being fulfilled. I dived into different creativity or crafts so I am not bored of a particular craft and also to co-ordinate my designs as I want.

Recently, I am being called a serial designer because once I wake up from my sleep, I sketch a design. When I am eating, I am sketching by the side. When I visit friends, I take yarn to crochet or hand-knit or a sketchbook.

Even when I am bathing, brushing, or cooking I am thinking up a design.

When taking a walk, I am always taking pictures of the scenery.

I see designs in everything I do but l complain of time. Too much to do, so little time.

I can hardly sit still without my mind drifting to a design that I need to make.

When I am talking to someone or just enjoying the moment there are times that my mind will drift from the physical because of design and I have to be called into the physical or present.

I enjoyed designing so much and it has also become a woe for me.

Here goes my tale…

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