Crafters TV and Anino are celebrating with everyone whose birthday is in this month of June 2021. You can watch the video on AninoTv YouTube and Crafters TV YouTube.

About the video

Coffee and Walnut Cake with buttercream frosting and New Birthday Song for June 2021 Birthdays.

In this video for Crafters TV, Anino Ogunjobi sings a new birthday song for all June birthday celebrants as well as shows us in a step-by-step tutorial on how she baked and iced the cake to celebrate June birthday’s celebrants.

This video is in celebration of all June birthday celebrants as well as a tutorial on how we made the cake to celebrate everyone whose birthday is in the month of June 2021.


For the Cake

Self Raising flour- 187.5g

Baking powder- 1 levelled teaspoon

Sugar- Dark brown or Demerara or Soft Brown or white granulated 300g

Butter- Unsalted Butter 125g and Salted Butter 125g,

Evaporated Milk 410g

Eggs- 4 fresh large

Coffee- instant coffee

Walnut pieces – 1 packet

Hot water- 6 tablespoons

For the Frosting

Walnut pieces

Icing sugar -313g

Unsalted butter- 96g


Oven- Gas Mark 2, 150 degree Celsius, 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Electric mixer


Baking pan – tray

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