We (Crafters TV) currently have a digital game and board game that we are working on. It is a game titled ’12 Crafts of Cardmaking’.

It is a long programming process but we will get there.

We have been really busy and I just want to update you on a game that I am programming.

It is a craft or crafting game.

If you have been following the blog and visiting Anino TV YouTube or Crafters TV YouTube page or any of our social media pages, you will remember that Anino was working on videos docuseries 12 Crafts of Cardmaking (There is also 12 crafts of machine knitting- knitwear designing and making). I decided to put it all into games.

So here is a screenshot of the game area.

When the game is ready, we will let you know and hopefully(I am quite shy *wink), I will do an interview from the designing of the game to the manufacturing of the game.

Our game – Athena -The Craft Goddess is on itch.io and free to download. Cirrus-ly Cloudy and My Mind’s Eye games will be added soon. You can watch the gameplay on Crafters TV YouTube Channel.

Back to gaming!

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