The aim of the game is for the rocket to move to the sky and collect different clouds (species, types) before it stratospheres by entering the cavum or fallstreak hole in the cloud.

The waiting screen depicts the waiting timer, the task and the input for the game while displaying the clouds for the activity. The win-screen and lose-screen display the clouds in monochromatic black and white colour while revealing a win or lose message.

1. The keyboard input has been restricted to only “WSAD” which acts as arrow keys and the “Space Bar” is for a right-diagonal movement while the “Space Bar” is also the input to start the game.
2. The clouds move towards the right at a slow speed. This is because real clouds move at different speeds.
3. The types of clouds to clean out have their co-ordinating name in Type font (typography) using text mesh in the gameplay as well as the cloud in graphical format.
4. When a cloud is cleaned its infographic or typography is cleaned too, that is, if a cloud is cleaned, its coordinating name disappears from the list, this enables the player to know the clouds left to clean out from the scenery.
5. Input has a start button which when pressed counts down the waiting timer of Three Seconds and then the game starts.
6. End Screen, Waiting Screen, and Win Screen have graphical and text information that gives the player a quick insight into the gameplay.
7. When the game ends, regardless of where the rocket is, it teleports into the cavum or fallstreak hole and then a colourful display of cloud emits as the end game countdown before the congratulation screen appears. The effect of the colourful cloud is to depict the realism of a rocket launching into the atmosphere and also to reflect the Orion Nebula belt. When a rocket stratospheres (moves upwards) into the clouds, it emits colourful clouds or weird clouds.
8. No increased speed when the “Space Bar” and any “WSAD” buttons are pressed together.
9. Every element to create the scenery and gameplay has been positioned to depict perspective, create emotion with colours, easy identification of objects and many more.
10. You will notice that the Contrail Cloud follows the rocket but at the end of the game when the rocket teleports into the Cavum, the contrail or condensation cloud may still be in the environment- depending on the rocket’s position at the end of the game, this is because when a rocket has launched the cloud it forms is still visible in the environment after the rocket has gone (its trail is left behind).

I have uploaded a screen recording of the game for those who cannot download it and play it due to space on the computer.
Thank you.

Link on Itch:

Gameplay on Crafters TV YouTube:

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