Crafters TV “My Mind’s Eye” game is now on including a video clip of the gameplay.

About the game

Titled “My Mind’s Eye”, this game is a mental game as it makes one reflects on what belongs to where and what can be seen. For example, when a person is seen with groceries, in the thought, it will be that the person went shopping. 

The idea for this game is inspired by an event that happened and different stories arose when I asked a question, what was seen and what they think when they see a certain image. 

A detective trying to piece stories or scenery together to solve a case also inspired this game.

The aim of the game is to place each individual in the scenery that suits them the most. 

The waiting screen depicts the waiting timer, the task and the input for the game while displaying the models for the activity. The win-screen or lose-screen reflects a glimpse of the scenery while revealing a win or lose message.

1: Seconds now start at 12 instead of 11.
2. Mouse input for restarting the game.
3. A rotating portal for the models while the countdown timer commences.

4. The player has two options to arrange the models- (a) Click and drag a model at a time. (b) Click on each model so that they queue and then drag the models over the scenery, if a model comes in contact with its ordained box, the model snaps to the box and leaves the queue. (Option B is for the player to find out himself or herself).

Thank you.

Link on itch:

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