Here is Anino’s game playmat for Spoonflower’s games playmat design challenge closing on the 14th of July 2021.


This playmat features a four-in-one (4 in 1) game- Spot the difference, Pairs matching, shadow matching, and names to object matching.

The games on this playmat grow with the child so it is suitable for all ages.
This playmat can be used singly or split into four which can serve as a great fabric game gift.

This four-in-one playmat can be split into fours and then the edges of the playmat can be woven with decorative stitches or sewn with bias-binding.

This playmat uses icons from Crafters TV games, as you know, I own Crafters TV and have the right to use the icons created by me (Anino) for the Crafters TV Games. Items made can be sold for profit.

The games on this playmat will soon be available digitally for free to play on Itch to enable children, their friends, or/and guardians to play the games together.

Thank You.

*This design will soon be in our shop on Fashion Formula.

*Anino will be adding another product that she is keeping a surprise to coordinate with the digital games and the fabric games’ playmats.

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