We have decided to change the title of our game from “30 Days With Games” to 100 Days with Games.

Our featured game for today is “The Journey of words”. You can play this game on itch.io without downloading it to your computer.

This is a sample of the game designed by Anino and her team member Ralph.

This game includes animated effects before each level’s gameplay to prepare the player for what to expect in the level gameplay.

The concept is based on a greeting card designer involving the act of learning, spelling, knowing exact phrases of words or quotes and many more with a combination of fonts or letters in different artistic styles used to express oneself from simple sentiments to complex combinations in our daily lives through different games by telling a tale and creating different effective level games depicting fonts while progressing from easy to difficult using a drag and drop mechanism deriving the title of the game “Journey of Words”.

The game’s visuals and level design use different effects of typography to relate its message throughout the game. This implements colour palettes to create focal points and scenes as it relates tasks for each level with the aid of the colour theory. Each level of the gameplay differs in the kind of game being represented to increase the dynamic difficulty adjustment within this game to educate while giving leisure to the player but the mechanics of drag and drop is the same throughout the game due to the input of different game to enhance the gameplay whereby the game included are quotes, images to spellings, isometric maze, spot the difference, jig-saw puzzle all with the drag and drop mechanics while adhering the fonts to create diversity for game players who loves a variety of games within a game.

*We will notify you when the full game is ready.

There is a video gameplay of this sample game but I haven’t uploaded it to YouTube yet.

Play it on ITCH.io without downloading.

Crafters Empire on Itch.io: https://craftersempire.itch.io/journey-of-words