I have finally finished the game “Flutter Tale” the lifecycle of a butterfly.

I tried to make the scenery realistic as much as possible and the wings of the birds and butterflies do flutter.

At different times, there are dewdrops for the butterfly to nourish itself with while it avoids the birds.

Here is gameplay on Crafters TV and Anino TV Youtube.

You can play it on Crafters TV itch.io. You don’t need to download it.

About the game

This game depicts the life cycle of a butterfly from its mating stage of forming an egg to surviving in the ecosystem while giving an educational and leisure gameplay thereby deriving the title “Flutter Tale”.

Every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle has been included to depict the educational aspect or accolade or poise without omission of important stages while the gameplay gives its leisure effect. The player has been clamped in each scene to prevent it from leaving the screen.

The input for all scenes in the gameplay is the “Arrow Keys” and this is the same throughout all scenes to avoid confusion with input keys.  Each scene has a pop-up notification task reminder for the player and the scenery changes as progression is made or when a task is achieved which ensures an increase in the score while a “Try Again” button appears when the task is not achieved to encourage a replay if desired. 

The scenes depict various seasons to create the illusion of a changing season and to camouflage the obstacles which are birds. The wings of the birds and the butterflies do flap to create a realistic effect of fluttering wings. Each scene has a sprite to depict each stage of the life cycle of the butterfly and the activity in each scene reflects it too.  Collision with other game objects is constant throughout the gameplay to achieve a task or to restart the game and a delay timer has been implemented to enable the player to know what happened before the next scene loads. 

The game is made to horizontal scrolling in the endless runner section due to the movement of the player and the structure of the background- where the camera follows the player, the seamless seasonal background repeats and the birds which are obstacles and the nectar or dewdrops which spawns in front of the player

*Since this one proved a success, I will embark on another lifecycle – The hydrology lifecycle”. This is one of my favourite lifecycles. Let me think about how the game will be with this. I will need time to process it and what needs to be done.

Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube:

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Crafters TV itch.io: https://crafterstv.itch.io/flutter-tale-the-life-cycle-of-a-butterfly