I am currently working on a card pairing game and below is a screenshot of my work surface.

If you take a look at the screenshot, you will notice the scripts on the right-hand side.

Although this is a pairing game, I am trying to add a twist of decked cards instead of spread-out cards.

So here are the card designs for each scene especially if you are familiar with our “12 crafts of cardmaking”.







*Decorative edges

*Singe Motif





I am still making changes to the idea and I am a little fuzzy because I am mixing two ideas and trying to demarcate one from the other. I may decide to alter it but will let you know and I will update you about my progress.

Let me get back to programming.

*You can see an error being highlighted in red at the base of the game’s work surface. That error is from my code…(laughing).