I am currently working on a three-dimensional virtual environment for gaming and this can be used for animation and virtual reality. I am using 3D Max.

My mood now is crying 😫😭. I am struggling with it as well as progressing. I should say a sweet and bitter experience. Sometimes, things are not going like how I have been taught.

I learned something when modelling this bus stop. One of the lessons learned is that one has to view the object from all dimensions this will show when objects are looking good in the front but are displaced at the back of which the designer will need to use the X, Y or Z axis to arrange or resize the object while using the appropriate tool for that purpose.

I also learned how to use different shaping effects like the extrude tool, chamfer and many more. I note the purpose of each tool not forgetting the mesh of the object.

Still have a long way to go before texturing the bus stop to make it realistic.

When finished, a video tour will be on Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube as well as Crafters Media YouTube. Screenshots will be shown too.