Here is a game that I and my team member made. You can play the game on the web without downloading it. The link is below.

The Global Game Jam 2022 has finally come to an end. I can confidently tell you that I enjoyed it. The theme for the Game Jam is “duality”. My team member and I decided to make a game that can be physical as well as digital to depict its dual nature while giving an educational and leisure gameplay.

However, we chose the alphabet. This game is child friendly. We had nursery school children play-testing the game and it was fun. The physical game was also used at a party as a competition between guests. We included two games in this game for you to play. The game will be updated with more games later on.

Play this game digitally on

Crafters Empire Itch Channel:

About The Game

This game is about placing alphabets with their coordinating pairs.

The alphabets may be punched out from scenery or maybe hiding in scenery and many more.

Let’s go on an adventure… since there are different games to explore. In some scenes, the scores are subtracted when a task is completed to show the remaining tasks that need completion in that scenery.

Due to its dual nature of being a physical and digital game, this game is available as a physical game. Made by Anino and Ralph for Global Game Jam 2022

Watch the GamePlay on Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube Channel: