I will be researching “How games can adapt to any industry” and also this will involve me working on “interweaving games in different sectors” and creating a game for this while featuring different games in my research.

As I do this research, wherever games are adapted, games designers are needed and games artists will also be referenced.

We will use the colour theory when discussing this.

My first creative sector will be textile designing- how games can adapt to the textile designing sector of the designing industry.

Well, I am preparing my game titled “Crafters TV”. This game will also enclose the vision that I had for Crafters TV when I bought the domain name and went into gaming.

This game will include different creative sectors. The aim of the game is to give the player the freedom to be creative with different game elements as they engage in different industries.

We are still working on the game and will be releasing some trials of it as we progress.